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How To Become A Mansion Minder

How To Become A Mansion Minder

Rent A Mansion In Dallas

Have you ever wanted to rent a mansion in Dallas or a luxury home? Give us a call today to see how simple it can be. Many luxury home owners want their homes occupied while on the market which creates the opportunity for individuals wanting the mansion life at a fraction of the cost of owning a mansion in Dallas.

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Steve Davis [Seller]

Brenda Platt, President
Mansion Minders and Marketing Inc 

Dear Brenda, We closed on Wicklow April 14th and that is in no small part because of the extraordinary efforts of Mansion Minders. I had the house on the market for almost 2 years, and within two months of your subcontractors (Minders) occupying the home, it sold. Your Minders turned the house into a model home, and I am certain raised its appeal. It was beautifully staged and extremely well cared for. The utilities were taken care of without incident, and the house stayed in excellent condition. I live in Houston, and to have Mansion Minders arrange for staging the house and maintaining its appearance was a huge blessing. The process was flawless.

Once we had an offer on the house, you and the Minders acted quickly and carefully to vacate the house, and leave it in excellent condition. Your Minders were gracious and very understanding about the short time we had to respond to the terms of the sale. You acted quickly and with commitment to the interests of all parties, and with integrity that is rare these days. I am very thankful to Mansion Minders and I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you for your dedication to your reputation and the interests of your customers.


Steve Davis
April 21, 2011

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Mark Davis Show [Radio Host]

To anyone facing the challenge of selling a house: 

If you run across Mansion Minders and the dedication of Brenda Platt, make a connection immediately. I have learned this lesson the hard way. I had a house on the market forever, having loosely heard of the concept of having people live in it so that it shows better. But I held that concept at arm’s length, figuring it might be more trouble than it’s worth– moving someone in, worrying about what they’re doing, wondering if it really was a better idea than the simplicity of an empty house potential buyers could merely imagine their own stuff in. 

I could not have been more wrong. An empty house– even a “staged” house, with some items tossed about so it’s not so dead– is no match for an occupied home with real people who can care for it, and get promptly out of the way if a showing arises. 

That, too, was part of my hesitation. I pitied the poor souls who would have to scramble every time the phone rang so that some realtor could show my house. But this has been my education, and I share it with you so you don’t make the same mistake. 

The “Minders–” the people who will live in your house, are thrilled to be there. They’re getting a big break on costs vs. renting, and they know full well that flexibility is vital. They are screened heavily by Brenda and her colleagues so that you do not have to worry about who’s moving in. 

This leads me to the good people who did move into my house– and then promptly out about nine weeks later, because– please read this twice– my house sold that quickly after an eternity of inactivity on the market. 

Could I have sold it by slashing the price? Of course. But once we had Mansion Minders in our corner, we did not have to. We sold for more than we expected because the appeal of the house was greater due to the Mansion Minders “touch.” Our minders were incredibly grateful and helpful, as we were indebted to them for having been such good stewards of our property. Any Minder will want as pleasant a stay as possible, so they will be vigilant about noticing some things that might need fine-tuning to improve the home’s appeal. 

This leads me to Brenda herself. Her devotion to her craft means her Minders are happy– but the happiest folks are those of us who find our houses actually selling due to her diligence and attentiveness. She managed the triangulation masterfully between her office, the Minders and me, and this cannot be easy with so many parallel interests– some folks looking for a home to live in, others looking to sell, all with needs to be addressed. 

Well, she addresses them…Quickly and professionally, with a great attitude and a heart for service. My realtor gets the commission, but I owe Brenda big-time. So if this letter helps her– and if it helps you by encouraging your use of Mansion Minders– then I am happy. 

Mark Davis 

June 28, 2014 


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