Mansion Minders

8 Easy Steps to become a Mansion Minder:

  1. Email photos of your furniture to use to help market you.
  2. Fully complete Subcontractor Application in its entirety and return it to us either by fax or scan/email.
  3. A home will be procured that fits your profile.
  4. Home/homes will be shown to you.
  5. Submit the Application Fee and Performance fee to hold house and Mansion Minders office will run your background/credit/criminal check.
  6. Listing realtor and/or homeowner of the home chosen will give final approval after reviewing photos.
  7. Provide $500k-$1M in general liability insurance and contents insurance.
  8. You have 7 days in which to set the home up like a model home.

    Note, at Mansion Minders and Marketing’s discretion, these steps may need to be altered or changed depending on the situation.

    When you do a good job for us, we guarantee a home for you when your home sells and professional movers at a discount. Minders are in homes on average 6 months – 16 months.


You asked… What is a “Mansion Minder”

A Mansion Minder™ affordably lives in and beautifies a vacant “Mansion” with their furnishings to help the home to SELL. A properly displayed home sells better than a vacant home, which is the reason builders have model homes. Higher priced homes tend to have a more difficult time selling in today’s market. Mansion Minders & Marketing™ is working as a team with our Subcontracted Mansion Minders™ to help homeowners sell their homes more quickly and for a higher price.

As a Mansion Minder™, you allow Realtors® to show the house during the marketing period. When the home sells, the staff at Mansion Minders & Marketing™ will assist you in choosing another home in which to live, based on availability, and guide you throughout the moving process, providing you with moving tips and qualified movers who give discounts to our Mansion Minder™ for their moves. If you need additional furniture Mansion Minders & Marketing™ can direct you to many cost saving avenues for quality furniture and accessories.

Many Mansion Minders™ have lived in Mansion Minders & Marketing’s™ houses for up to a year or longer, living like millionaires while paying low monthly fees and being free from long term leases. The Mansion Minders & Marketing™ Program allows Mansion Minders™ to maintain flexibility and save on housing costs, while having the opportunity to live in expensive, quality houses!


Who are likely Mansion Minder candidates?

  • Families moving to the area who don’t know where they want to buy.
  • Families moving to the area whose homes have yet to sell.
  • Families who can beautifully furnish a large home but for whatever reason cannot buy a home in that price range right now.
  • Divorced.
  • Families who want to save money every month to be able to buy anything from nicer furniture to even their dream home.

If you think this opportunity would be as fun for you as it has been for our team of subcontracted Mansion Minders™, we have an application process and need pictures of your furniture. For example, if you enjoy decorating and like to have order in your home on a daily basis, this program will work for you. Here is your opportunity to save money every month. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank You,
Paul & Brenda Platt – Founders

Mansion Minders – Home Tenders, Home Caretakers, Home Sitters – Dallas Texas

Mansion Minders and Marketing, Inc. is a Dallas based company that has been successfully “Minding” vacant properties for realtors and homeowners since 2001.  Our free “Show to Sell” service dramatically improves the appearance of vacant properties while increasing the likelihood of a sale for the property owner.

Our Minders are also sometimes referred to by others as home tenders, home caretakers or home sitters. They are carefully screened for selection in our program and because they have to care for the home they are sometimes called home minders as they pay for all the upkeep costs as well.  Because clients have to have incredible furniture to qualify, they sometimes are called home staging professionals.  Our thorough background checks coupled with an evaluation of furnishings,  assist in placing only qualified Minders in properties that ultimately can enhance the salability of a property.

Once qualified by our organization, a minder can live in a luxury home for a fraction of the cost of a mortgage or a monthly lease, normally associated for the same property.  Mansion Minders and Marketing can provide a very interesting and affordable option for relocating homeowners, looking for a leasing alternative and who prefer living in quality high end luxury properties.



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