Brenda Platt, President
Mansion Minders and Marketing IncĀ 

Dear Brenda, We closed on Wicklow April 14th and that is in no small part because of the extraordinary efforts of Mansion Minders. I had the house on the market for almost 2 years, and within two months of your subcontractors (Minders) occupying the home, it sold. Your Minders turned the house into a model home, and I am certain raised its appeal. It was beautifully staged and extremely well cared for. The utilities were taken care of without incident, and the house stayed in excellent condition. I live in Houston, and to have Mansion Minders arrange for staging the house and maintaining its appearance was a huge blessing. The process was flawless.

Once we had an offer on the house, you and the Minders acted quickly and carefully to vacate the house, and leave it in excellent condition. Your Minders were gracious and very understanding about the short time we had to respond to the terms of the sale. You acted quickly and with commitment to the interests of all parties, and with integrity that is rare these days. I am very thankful to Mansion Minders and I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you for your dedication to your reputation and the interests of your customers.


Steve Davis
April 21, 2011

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