Realtor Benefits – When Utilizing Mansion Minders & Marketing

We are playing “Musical Mansion Minders”… our Minded homes are selling.

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Because we are sure you agree that a “furnished home” is more marketable than a “vacant house”…these benefits should appeal to you:

  • A “MINDED HOME” has a buyer friendly ambiance – not a distressed look.
    • We transform a vacant house into a tastefully furnished “MODEL HOME”.
    • We maintain a smoke-free and pet-free environment.
    • We create a higher perceived value in the mind of your buyer.
  • On average, a furnished home will sell faster than a vacant house.
  • On average, a furnished home will sell at a higher price.
  • A home that is furnished and managed by Mansion Minders & Marketing gives you a “selling advantage” 
    over vacant houses in the same area.
  • A “Minded Home” remains on a lock box.
  • We never refuse a showing. Showings are available for 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. everyday.

You can be a “Hero” with your client

  • Show your client (the Homeowner) how they:Can reduce their monthly holding costs.
    • Can significantly lower insurance costs – no need for costly vacant house insurance.
    • Can reduce the risk of vandalism.
    • Can bring relocating families back together that have been separated while waiting for
      their home to sell
    • Can eliminate the distressed, “I’ve been on the market look”.

You can retain potential customers

  • Don’t lose undecided buyers to a rental/lease contract. Suggest they become a “Mansion Minder”: They can maintain their standard of living, reside in an upscale house for much less per month than it would cost to lease, on a “temporary” basis and exit the program for any reason (to buy a house, job transfer, etc.) on 15 (fifteen) days written notice.
  • Some Mansion Minders are potential buyers of the house they manage.

You gain additional selling time

  • We provide daily management that affords you more time to prospect, market and sell.
  • We are an extension of your service and recognize the Homeowner is always your client



“I understand completely how a beautifully furnished home sells better than a vacant home…when I look at myself in the mirror with clothes on, I look so much better than without clothes…you don’t see all the flaws”

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