David & Darla Christiansen [Seller]

Dear Brenda:

Confirming our voicemail of earlier this afternoon, we closed on the sale of our 5,500 s.f. Southlake home this morning. Thanks to the efforts of you and your Mansion Minders, the sale went smoothly and expeditiously.

As you know, we invested over $40,000 in remodeling the kitchen, replacing the roof and carpet, and repainting the interior of the house prior to listing it for sale on October 1, 2008. After being on the market, through two different realtors, for nearly a year, and receiving no acceptable offers during that time, we contracted with you in early May 2009 to bring in Mansion Minders to help us sell the home. Due to the objections of our realtor, your Minders did not move in to the house until mid-September. We again listed the house for sale with our third (and successful) realtor the end of October 2009, and a little over a month later, we received an acceptable offer on the home.

We attribute the successful sale of the home in large part to the efforts of you and your Minders, and we regret that we didn’t invite you in earlier. Your timeliness and attention to detail contributed significantly to the expeditious marketing and sale of our home, and we sincerely appreciate the honesty and integrity with which you approached this transaction. We would strongly recommend your services to anyone interested in achieving a timely sale of their property.

Thanks again for all your help in this transaction.


David & Darla Christiansen
December 11, 2009

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