Mr. and Mrs. Price [Sellers]

To whom it may concern, 

I am writing on behalf of Mansion Minders and, specifically, Mr. and Mrs. Buell who have minded my home in Starwood for approximately six months. 

My wife and I tried, with limited success, to market our vacant home for an extended period of time. We were introduced to Mansion Minders by our realtor who explained the benefits of a Minded-occupied home and their understanding of the advantages of their staging skills, flexibility and attention to detail while in the home. 

The Buell’s have met and exceeded the expectations Mansion Minders set for me and, the Buell’s in particular have done a fantastic job in caring for my home at a very high standard. Their flexibility in showing the home, attention to detail and fastidious maintenance of the home has made all the difference. 

Our home was under contract within months and I am certain the decision to retain Mansion Minders had a significant impact on that process. 

I recommend, without reservation, Mansion Minders and the Buell’s for any seller with a high net worth home seeking to find occupants who will represent their home with excellence and integrity. 


Mr. and Mrs. Price 
 June 8, 2018 

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