September 18, 2020


RE: Mansion Minders – 880 Carlisle Ln, Southlake, TX 76092

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of Mansion Minders and in particular Mr. and Mrs. Brian Buell who has meticulously “minded our home” in Southlake for a short period of approximately 30-days.

Previously, our home was vacant and though we completed extensive renovations and completed required maintenance, we found that as we commenced with marketing of the home, there was significant focus from prospective buyers on flooring and colors and not the actual livability of the house.

Our realtor quickly suggested using Mansion Minders to efficiently and quickly furnish and care for the home and we began to immediately get different responses to our home that was more prospects focused on what we liked about the home.

We ended up getting many tours of the home and ultimately received multiple offers as the furnishings brought in by the Buells fit the floorplan perfectly. The home was always clean and in order and the minder was out of the house for showings. The lights were always turnedon and the home was always show ready.

Brian Buell always communicated very well, helped us feel at ease and brought to our attention the things that need to be done to keep the home in its very best condition.

We would not hesitate to use Mansion Minders in the future and in particular The Buells who took great care accommodating everyone’s needs, answered all request and provided additional assurance that we had made a great decision to engage this group.


Rick Sherwood

Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood


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