Dear Seller, 

I am the former owner of 5205 Prince Lane in Point Noble. The house was vacant and on the market for a year and half before we contracted with Mansion Minders. Once Herb and Laurie moved in, it was fully staged with a “lived in” look and feel. They also assumed responsibility for utilities and landscape maintenance, reducing the time and expense we had to devote to the property. 

The Webbs have been thoroughly vetted by Mansion Minders. We also ran credit and background checks. They were very open and willing to work with us. They are not renters, but relocating homeowners, called subcontractors. They have no rights to your home and have a lot of rules to follow, which helped in the showing of our home. 

Once we received a valid sales contract, they were given notice to move out with a 30 day notice. They accommodated the buyer’s inspectors by leaving for a period of time – just as they did with showings – and gracefully moved out before the close date. Aside from any last minute work being completed by us for the new owners, the house was in move in condition. It was an easy transition. 

Subcontracted Minders carry insurance up to the cost of the home as well as contents insurance. As the seller, we kept our insurance in effect and Mansion Minders has proof of their $2M general liability policy as well. 

Brenda with Mansion Minders, managed the property and made sure the home was staged appropriately. They perform an inspection prior to move in and guarantee the home to be in that condition each month by doing “pop in” inspections. 

We found the service very helpful. The Minders took over “minding” our home, freeing up much of our time. Herb would keep a list of minor items that needed attention for me. These were things that I would not typically notice since we were not living there. 

Please feel free to call me with any questions at 214-693-8582. We were also very skeptical at first and delayed many months after our initial conversations with Brenda. It was a delay we later regretted. Our experience with Mansion Minders was very positive. From what I understand from Brenda, she has Minders that can help you right away, as the home they are currently in has sold and they need to be out before the close date. 


Duane Blakeney 
July 18, 2015 

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