To whom it may concern:

I am writing on behalf of Brenda Platt of Mansion Minders and specifically Mr and Mrs. Jackson who have minded 2 homes for me back to back for approximately 8 months.

I was initially recommended Mansion Minders by my realtor when I was looking to list a townhome I owned that had been tenant-occupied for a few years but was vacant at the moment. She explained the benefit of having them occupy which included staging the home, ensuring it was always “show-ready” and keeping us abreast of any issues that may come up on an inspection. 

Fortunately for us the townhome sold within a few weeks and due to the ease and professionalism of Mansion Minders I opted to see if they would move into a home I had listed in the Preston Hollow area that was unoccupied and having trouble selling. Within approximately 4 months of them moving in we were able to get the home sold and they were instrumental in proactively notifying me about minor issues that may have derailed inspections so that we could take care of them prior.

I would highly recommend Mansion Minders and specifically the Jackson’s for any seller with any stature of home as they were able to occupy and assist in selling a home for $400,000 and $1.75mm respectively.


Brian Marver
June 12, 2018

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